Adult San Francisco soccer leagues and bubble soccer

League Rules

  1. Games: 7v7 Coed and 6v6 for Men’s and Women’s, including the goalie.
  2. Time: 25 minute halves.
  3. Forfeit: Game is forfeited if a teams does not have at least 5 players for 7v7, or 4 players for 6v6, at the start of the game.
  4. Forfeits: 
    a) If you must forfeit, you must email us to let us know ahead of time.
    b) Teams that forfeit more than one game in a season may be dropped from the league immediately, before the season ends.
  5. Rain-outs: If games are cancelled due to weather conditions, SFF Soccer will reschedule up to 2 games per season.
  6. Shoes: Turf shoes, soccer cleats and sneakers are all allowed. No long studded cleats.
  7. Shin guards: All players must have shin guards at all times.
  8. Uniforms: Teams must have exactly matching shirts for every game.  Names and numbers are not required.
  9. Substitutions: Substitutions on the fly, at half field. No need to ask referee, except for goalie substitutes.
  10. Offside: No offside.
  11. Throw-Ins: No throw-ins.  Kicks-ins only. Kick-ins are indirect. Five feet by defenders is automatically given.
  12. Penalty Kicks: Usual rules on PK’s.
  13. Slide-tackling: No slide-tackling.
  14. Free Kicks: All free kicks shall be direct and no closer than the edge of the goal box.
  15. Fence: The fence on the goal line is out. Kicking the ball over the fence is a two minute penalty.
  16. Tie Breakers: None, ties will stand in the regular season.
  17. Blue Card: 2 minute penalty — play one man down, or until the other team scores.
  18. Yellow Card: 5 minute penalty — play one man down, even if the other team scores.
  19. Red Card: Two game suspension minimum. Two red cards in one season: minimum one year ban from the league.  Red card for fighting: minimum one year ban from the league.
  20. Referees: The decision of the referee is final.  Mistakes are obviously unintentional, and are part of the game.
  21. Unsportsmanship: League has zero tolerance for unsportsman-like behavior.
  22. Minimum number of games: Players must play at least 1/3 of regular season games to play in the play-offs.
  23. ID cards: Players must have valid SFF Soccer ID card
  24. Standings at the end of season: If points are the same then goal difference comes into effect. If goal difference is the same then it’s head to head result.
  1. All players must have a white and dark shirt.
  2. 7 v 7 is the max amount of payers on the playing field.
  3. Sidelines are out of bounds.
  4. If there are more than 14 players present, games are 8 minutes long or first team to score two goals win.
  5. Winning team stays on for a max of 3 wins.
  6. If after 8 minutes the game is tied, both teams come off.
  1. Players and teams are accepted first come, first serve.  We have a limited number of spots per league.
  2. Games will rarely be cancelled for weather – always assume your game is on, unless you hear otherwise.  Rain games are fun.
  3. League registrations are fully refundable, less a $25 administrative fee, up to one week prior to the start of the league. After that, refunds cannot be given. Deposits made to hold a spot in a league will only be refunded if no spot becomes available.