Yes. Unlike some other sports, the only safety equipment required to play Archery Tag® is a facemask, which we provide.  The arrows are foam tipped and light, allowing them to achieve good trajectory without causing any pain on impact.

No. SFF Soccer will provide all equipment needed. Archery Tag® bows and arrows are made especially with safety in mind and can not be used with any other type of equipment.

Two teams, each consisting of 5 players, start at opposite ends of the arena and are separated by a “safe zone.” Both teams have a “5-Spot Knockout Target” and each game is 15 minutes long.


Ways to win:

  • Eliminate all the players on the opposing team
  • OR Knock off all 5 discs on the opponent’s target
  • OR Have fewer discs missing from the target

The Game:

  • The bows and arrows are placed in the middle of the arena
  • Each player must run, grab their bow and 4 arrows each to start the game
  • Eliminate the opponent by:
    • Tagging the opponent with the arrow on any part of the body besides the head
    • OR Catching his or her arrow
  • You can bring a tagged out team member back into the game by:
    • Catching an opponent’s arrow mid-flight
    • Knock off one of the discs from the opponent’s target

Each game is approximately 15 minutes long. We usually average 3-4 games per hour depending on how quickly they go.

Each player will start with 4 arrows but, remember, you can pick up arrows shot over from the other team.  Managing your arrows as a team is extremely important to the overall strategy.

Whatever you’re comfortable in, though this is an active game, so we recommend comfortable athletic wear is recommended, e.g. athletic shoes & gym shorts.

Players must be at least 8 years old. All participants must sign the waiver.

Your group can be as large as you like, however a maximum of 10 people can play a game at a time.

We usually average 3-4 games per hour depending on how quickly they go.

You can view our prices here.

Please email to check availability and book.