Adult San Francisco soccer leagues and bubble soccer

Best Games played May 24th – May 30th

Riverbed Accelerators 4 Recology 4

The Corporate Tournament “Game of the Week” goes to Riverbed v’s Recology, who finished upon a 4 each tie. The game showed some excellent shots by both teams and Recology we’re in control for most of the game, but a late surge saw Riverbed tie this one.

Tuesday Men’s League:
Gidley Tigers 2 Senior De Arcaro’s 5

Both teams sit side-by-side on the leader board but for this week’s game SDA gained the upper hand after a very exciting 5, 2 win over the Gidley Tigers.

Thursday Men’s League:
Freedom Fries 4 The P 7

The League leaders take the win in this high scoring game, beating Freedom Fries by 3 goals. This game was a spectators dream with the nets repeatedly rattled throughout the 50 minutes.

Sunday Men’s League:
Bombaa 4 San Francisco FC 6

Another top 2 clash as Loomis field brought the competition to a high as SFFC finished with a 6, 4 win over Bombaa. Both teams showed promising soccer skills but SFFC gained the momentum and took the win with them.

Sunday Coed League:
Mclovin 1 Falcons 1

This low scoring game may have been short on goals but full of skill. Mclovin was kept as bay by a strong Falcons team with a final score of 1 apiece.