Plan your next bubble soccer event at the best location in San Francisco.

Bubble Soccer is an exhilarating, fun cross between soccer and sumo suits and is highly entertaining to both play and watch. Bubble soccer events at our field are great as team building corporate events, parties or tournaments and is suitable for kids to adults, ages 8 and older. Rentals include bubbles, exclusive use of our enclosed field, and a referee to run games. Email or call 415.747.0802 to set up your event.

Soccer, Grub and Pints

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Bubble Soccer Pricing

Daytime rate: $275/hr
Nighttime rate*
: $295/hr

• 10 bubbles
• Exclusive field rental
• Referee to run the games
• 2-hour minimum required
• Food packages available from Spark Social**

Email or call 415.747.0802 to book

*Nighttime rates = when lights are required
**Not included in package cost.

Ultimate Corporate Event

$900/3 hr event

• Offered Mon-Fri, 9am-4:30pm
• Exclusive use of the field
• 1 Hour of Archery Tag®
• 1 hour of Bubble Soccer
• 1 Hour of Soccer (Basic Scrimmage)
• Referee to run the entire event
• Food packages available from Spark Social**

Email or call 415.747.0802 to book

Bubble Soccer FAQs

I've never played soccer before, can I play Bubble Soccer?

Absolutely, soccer novices and experts can play

Will I get hurt playing Bubble Soccer?

Bubble soccer is a contact sport and with any contact sport there is a risk of injury. SFF Soccer has top quality bubbles that are two sizes to suit small and tall adults which helps reduce (but NOT eliminate) injury risk. We advise each participant to start off slow and get a feel for the bubbles and figure out their limits

Can we hire the balls anywhere other than from SFF Soccer?

Yes, we do offer to bring the bubbles to you but there will be a travel fee and a power outlet will be necessary to inflate/deflate the balls – contact us for more details

Is special clothing required?

No, just wear athletic clothing. It can get warm in the bubbles so light clothes are advised

Are there age, height and weight restrictions?

You must be at least 8 years old to play. Kids bubbles require a minimum height of 4’6″. Adult bubbles suit people from 5′ and taller. The weight limit is 240lbs.

What's your cancellation policy?

You can cancel within 24 hours of the rental, we offer a 50% refund for events cancelled within 7 days or we can reschedule event

Are the bubbles sanitized?

Yes, we will have sanitary wipes available to use to clean the balls – it will be the responsibility of each individual to clean the ball if they require (NOTE: before each event/rental the balls are sanitized so they will be clean before your event starts)

I'm slightly claustrophobic, is this going to be an issue?

The balls are quite spacious (depending on person’s size), but if you find it is too tight we will be at the site to remove the ball if you find it an issue

Is a referee included?

Yes, each rental includes a referee to organize games and assist throughout the rental time


Bubble Soccer Rules

  1. HAVE FUN!
  2. You cannot play unless you have signed the waiver
  3. No intentional contact with shoes or feet to the bubbles
  4. No contact with another player with anything other than the bubble
  5. No sharp objects inside the bubble – all jewelry should be removed
  6. No intention action which may cause damage to the bubbles.
  7. Bubbles are to remain within the field at all times
  8. Referee’s decision is final