Adult San Francisco soccer leagues and bubble soccer

Corporate Co-Ed Summer Finals


Last week hosted our Corporate Co-Ed  A & B finals with Fastly taking on DeNA Baystars at 5.15pm followed by Adgoal v Stripe at 6pm.


Corporate B: Fastly v Dena

This final kicked off with a full squad for both teams and a stand full of supporters ready to cheer on their team. Fastly were the first to put a score on the board with a quick run up the field and rattled the back of the net. DeNA jumped to attention and with some excellent passing evened up the score board to show 1-1. DeNA kept the momentum up and stuck 4 goals past the Fastly keeper to take a 4-1 lead over the Fastly squad. Some great team defense pushed Fastly up the field and with some well thought out passing took advantage of the chance to pop one in the back of the net. A few more trips up and down the field had each team playing strong defense but the DeNA Baystars were hungry for goal and managed to slip another one past the Fastly defense. The game finished at 5-2 and for all spectators was a great match to watch!


Corporate A:Stripe v Adgoal

Another very exciting game of soccer kicked off 6.05pm and again Loomis Street was packed with lots of supporters out enjoying sunshine and soccer.

A quick start had Stripe putting the first score on the board with a great run through the Adgoal defense. Adgoal were not taking this lightly and a perfect pass up the field from the defense gave the Adgoal the opportunity to level the game. The momentum was up for Adgaol and despite the great defense efforts by Stripe Adgoal tapped 3 more goals on the Stripe Keeper making it 4-1 to Adgoal.
Just when it looked like Adgoal we’re in full control of the game, Stripe bounced back with 2 goals in 5 minutes.
The second one is worth a special mention, as one of the Stripe female players went by four Adgoal players spectacularly before earning a penalty for her team.
Stripe then pressed hard for the equalizing goal but Adgoal responded and went on to win a thrilling game 5-3.