We can facilitate many exciting events for your party.

Our fields are available for field rentals, birthday parties, food truck events, sports activities and more. There are plenty of options for party customizations so we strongly recommend you connect with our event planners via email or call 415.747.0802 to set up your event.

Bubble Soccer

Bubble Soccer is an exhilarating, fun cross between soccer and Sumo suits for both kids and adults. It generally follows the same objectives and rules as soccer with the added condition that each player must wear an inflatable bubble around their upper torso.

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Archery Tag

This game is a combination of dodgeball, archery and paintball. Participants form teams and shoot at opponents with large foam tip arrows using a bow. The game is fast-paced, fun and unlike paintball – painless!

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Climbing Wall

The mobile rock wall is a favorite activity for any type of event. The wall stands 24 feet tall and features 3 different climbing stations — from beginner, intermediate to advanced. Our wall uses an auto belay system for extra safety and control. It is also licensed, inspected and insured for your safety. We also provide a trained operator to be in charge of the climbing wall the day of your event. 

Capacity: 50 persons per hour. 
$1500 3-hour minimum


This adventurous and exciting game is a real crowd pleaser. Two to four participants climb on the top of their podiums which are surrounded by an inflatable safety floor. The “gladiators” then strike each other with their padded baton, trying to knock each other off their pedestals. Last one standing is victorious! The Quad Joust is a blast for participants and possibly even more fun for spectators!

$750 3-hour minimum

Obstacle Course

Large and exciting obstacle courses are available up to 140 ft long and are suitable for all ages. If you’re looking for a showpiece to anchor your upcoming  event, please call early – these supersized obstacle challenges are amazing! 

Pricing depends on availability. Email or call 415.747.0802 to find out what’s available on your date.

Email info@sffsoccer.com or call 415.747.0802 to book your next event.