Adult San Francisco soccer leagues and bubble soccer

Game of the Week April 7th – 13th

DeNA Allstars   3
Uber                  4

This weeks game of the week comes from the Corporate Coed league.

This was a really great game, DeNA broke out the first score of the game with some fantastic passing by this coed team. The pressure was on and Uber made some positive pushes up the field that finally paid off with a goal to tie the game again! The competition was heating up and one of DeNA’s female strikers scored an outstanding goal from 15 yards out, this goal was quickly followed by another goal by DeNA leaving a 2 goal gap.

Uber were not going to let this gap stand and not long after DeNA secured the 3 – 1 lead Uber rattled the back of the net twice to level the game again. Five minutes to the whistle Uber snuck in another goal to put them in the lead. Both teams were on their toes but the final whistle blows with a 4-3 win by Uber!