Adult San Francisco soccer leagues and bubble soccer

Game of the week January 20th – 27th

Coed Intermediate Monday/Wednesday

Mclovin 7
Sparta   5

This weeks game of the week comes from our Coed Monday/Wednesday league.
This game was all about attacking from the blow of the whistle.
Straight from the kick off Sparta took the lead with a long ball finished off nicely by the their striker.
If Sparta thought they were going to have an easy one from here they we’re mistaken.
Mclovin had just signed 2 new female players in the transfer market the previous day and their talent started to show, combining well to create 3 goals within 15 minutes as Mclovin went 3 – 1 up after 20 minutes.
Right before the half time whistle Mclovin struck again and at half time led 4 -1.

A couple of positional changes from Sparta at the break saw them totally dominate the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half.
The goals started to rush in as Sparta hit Mclovin 4 times to take a 5 – 4 lead with 10 minutes remaining.
Again the tide turned in this game as Mclovin piled the pressure back on Sparta and netted 3 times to seal the victory in this crazy game.