1. Best of 3 sets.
  2. First to 25 points in each set (must win by two points).
  3. If game is 1-1 final set is first to 15 points (must win by 2 points).
  4. 5v5
  5. At least 2 players on the court must be female.
  6. 3 players at the back 2 at the front.
  7. Players rotate after you win back serve.
  8. Subs can roll in and out before a serve.
  9. Each team is allowed to have a maximum of three touches (EXCEPTION: block does not count as a touch).
  10. Same player can not hit the ball twice in a row (EXCEPTION I: block doesn’t count a touch).
  11. It is ALLOWED to play the ball off the net.
  12. Referee calls the ball “IN”, if any part of it hits the lines.
  13. Ball is ruled OUT, if:
    • the ball lands outside the boundary lines (without touching the opponent)
    • the ball hits the net pole
    • any of the net or cables outside the Net pole
    • the referee stands
  14. Players are NOT allowed to catch, hold or throw the ball.
  15. Players are NOT allowed to block the opponents serve.
  16. Serve can be over or under hand.
  17. Attacking a ball which is coming over the net is ILLEGAL, if it has NOT broken the plane of the net
  18. Let serve is allowed. In other words the ball can touch the net on the serve. 
  19. A point is followed after each serve. (Previously you only had a chance to get a point only after your own serve.)
  20. Server is allowed to serve the ball any place behind the backline.

Unsporting conduct includes actions which are unbecoming to an ethical, fair, and honorable individual. it consists of acts of deceit, disrespect or vulgarity, and includes taunting.

No player, teammate, coach and/or team attendant shall act in an unsporting manner while on or near the court before, during, or after a contest.

Unsporting conduct includes, but is not limited to: disconcertion, attempting to influence the decision of a referee, disrespectfully adressing a referee, questioning a referee’s judgment, showing disgust with referees’ decisions, disrespectfully addressing, baiting, or taunting anyone invlolved in the contest, making any excessive requests designed to disrupt the contest, and using profane/vulgar language.

Unsporting conduct shall be penalized as follows:

  1. a verbal warning from a referee for the first minor offense
  2. yellow card for a second minor offense
  3. red card for first serious offense or third minor offense

The accumulation of two yellow cards or one red card will result in player ejection. Any player ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct will be required to leave the facility (out of sight, out of sound) and will be required to serve a suspension from Intramural competition.

Any player who accumulates three yellow cards throughout the season will be required to serve a suspension.

Any team who accumulates three yellow cards, two yellow cards and one red card, or two red cards during a contest will forfeit that contest.

GAME TIME IS FORFEIT TIME! Teams are strongly encouraged to arrive 10 minutes early for their games. Any game whose outcome is declared a forfeit will result in a loss being credited to the forfeiting team. A forfeit will be declared under the following conditions:

  1. A team does not field the required number of eligible players by the designated game time.
  2. A violation of any rule as stated in the Intramural Sports Code of Conduct.

In the event of a multiple forfeits by the same team, that team will not be eligible for playoff competition. Two forfeits may also result in the team being dropped from the league prior to the completion of the regular season; teams that are removed due to forfeits are not eligible to receive refunds.